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Terms and Condition

PRE-ORDER - Import Term & Condition:

1. Required to make a security / initial deposit before participating in the auction process as below: 

You cannot start the bidding process without the payment of security deposit.
In case you are unable to make a successful bid the security deposit is refundable, it will be refunded after deducting service charge of 20,000 Taka.

2. Due to 100% LC margin requirements by Bangladesh Bank we need to pay  100% of the total car price for opening the LC in the bank before shipping. 

- If customer pays the LC amount, GARI-IMPORT.com.bd takes 70,000 Taka service charges for import formalities and delivery process.  

- If customer pays only the booking money, GARI-IMPORT.com.bd takes service charge for import formalities and delivery process as below: 

  • 1 Lakh Taka for cars upto 25 Lakhs
  • 1.5 Lakhs Taka for cars upto 50 Lakhs
  • 5 Lakhs Taka for cars upto 1 crore
  • 10 Lakhs Taka for cars more than 1 crore

If customer fails to make the payment by 7 days from the auction win date, the car will be re-auctioned. Initial deposit will be deducted as penalty. 

If customer wants to keep the car in Japan yard for a specific period of time, yard fees has to be paid by the customer which is USD200-USD 300 per month. 

3. Due to current fluctuating Yen to Dollar and Dollar to Taka rate customer should discuss before each auction regarding Yen rate, shipping charge in Japan, Dollar to Taka conversion rate. These rates are always variable and will be charged at actual depending on the payment date. 

4. Once car reached at Bangladesh port, customer will pay the  customs duty for releasing the car. Customer will pay the customs tax at actual basis. If the tax increase customer will bear the increased amount, if decrease we will refund back.  

If the payment is delayed, wharf rent (port charge) will be paid by buyer @ 450-1000 Taka per day.

Final Payment: 100% payment to be made before registration.

Shipment Time: 
Usually it takes 50-60 days to get the car in Bangladesh from the auction win date. Once the car is on boarded into the ship, GARI-IMPORT.com.bd is not liable for any kind of delay for the shipping lines. 

Customer should pay 90% of the total car price when car will reach port and remaining 10% during delivery of the car.

Usually it takes 2-5 working days for BRTA REGISTRATION after the car gets released from port and full payment is done. 


Cancellation & Refund Policy for PRE ORDER / Japan Stock Cars:


Cancellation & Refund Policy for READY /SHOWROOM STOCK Cars: